multay furniture care


Wood is a natural material with variations of color shade, configuration, streaks, and grain structure. Each individual piece of Multay Furniture has characteristic markings that will differ from photo and showroom samples.

Regular attention and maintenance of fine furniture can ensure its beauty for years to come. Always use felt pads under all articles to prevent discoloration or softening of the lacquer.


To prevent overall soiling, frequent vacuuming or light brushing is recommended. Cushions should be turned on a weekly basis. Under of cushion should be brushed rather than vacuumed. Spot clean, using a mild water-free solvent or dry cleaning product. Only a profesional cleaner should undertake a complete overall cleaning. The use of steam or water-based cleaners may cause excessive shrinking or staining.


Leather surfaces on Multay Furniture should be dusted regularly with a dry or slightly damp soft cloth. Avoid using saddle soap or other cleaners. Leather desks and table tops have a lacquer coating, therefore they can be lighthly waxed. 100% Multay Furniture Originally Leather.


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