PT Multay International Indonesia is a producer of high quality furniture based in Central Java, Indonesia. Multay was established in 1991 in the United Kingdom.
We operate under the brands of Multay Furniture.
Our clients are predominantly wholesalers and retailers around the world.


Our Mission

To be a leading manufacturer and exporter of Indonesian solid timber furniture building lasting partnerships with our customers and specifiers.

“Our aim at Multay is to produce an exciting range of produk using the skills and dedication of our passionate workers. Great design is not only beautiful but must be functional as well. Our highly skilled team and production departments of Multay take great care and attention to detail and are committed to interpret and satisfy our customer needs” .

Jeremy Taylor / Managing Director



[:en] Machine made furniture together with hand crafted skills [:fr] Machine de fabrication de meubles en même temps que les compétences fabriqués à la main [:ru] Машина сделала мебель вместе с навыками ручной работы [:zh] 整机采用手工制作的技能制作的家具一起
[:en] In house research and design department [:fr] Dans la recherche de la maison et bureau d'études [:ru] В исследовании дома и проектного отдела [:zh] 在内部研究和设计部门
[:en] Product Engineering [:fr] Ingénierie Produit [:ru] Разработка продуктов [:zh]产品工程
[:en] Full in house Kiln Dry facilities for drying timber [:fr] Complètes en interne Kiln installations à sec pour le séchage du bois [:ru] Полный в доме печи Сухие помещения для сушки древесины [:zh] 干燥木材的房子全窑干设施
[:en] Product Guarantee [:fr] Garantie du produit [:ru] Гарантия продукта [:zh] 产品保证
[:en] Legal and sustainable solid timber with certification [:fr] bois massif juridique et durable avec la certification [:ru] Юридические и устойчивое массивной древесины с сертификацией [:zh] 法律和可持续实木与认证
[:en] Solid timbers include Mahogany, Mango, Mindy, Oak, Teak [:fr] bois solides comprennent Acajou, Mango, Mindy, chêne, teck [:ru] Твердые древесные породы включают красное дерево, манго, Минди, дуб, тик [:zh] 固体木材红木包括芒果,柯以敏,橡木,柚木
[:en] Veneers include Oak Burl, Walnut Burl, Mahogany Curls, Maple and Mappa [:fr] Placages comprennent Oak Burl, ronce de noyer, acajou Curls, Maple et Mappa [:ru] Виниры включают дуб, орех капа капа, красное дерево завитки, клен и Маппа [:zh] 贴面包括橡树树根,核桃树榴,桃花心木卷发,枫树和Mappa
[:en] Steel and Metal work department [:fr] Acier et le travail des métaux département [:ru]Стальные и металлические работы отдела [:zh] 钢铁与金属工作部